1st Labexchange promotion award goes to power-generating bacteria

Dec 03, 2015

As part of a festive award ceremony of the Labexchange Foundation – Wolfgang-Kuster-Stiftung, the first Labexchange promotion prize was awarded to two students, who are active in the club “Researchers for the region” the 26th November in Burladingen. The students have received the prize for their outstanding activities in the field of a bacteria-powered fuel cell.

Wolfgang Kuster (second from left) congratulates the young researchers. Max Schwendemann and Kim Susan Baumann (on the right) received the award. . The students have been accompanied by the vice-chairman of the association „Researchers for the region“, Daniel Heid (on the left).

Right after class, the students took the 130km trip to Burladingen. Not only to accept the declared promotion award, but also to present their project to the attendees. The award, doped with 3.500,_ Euro was handed over by the founder Wolfgang Kuster to the students who have participated in this project with an especial like. The young scientists made a wish for a laboratory fume hood in order to continue their research in the student research centre in Ohlsbach. A suitable fume hood was chosen immediately from the wide assortment of Labexchange.

The founder and managing director of Labexchange – Die Laborgerätebörse GmbH, Wolfgang Kuster, appreciated the students in his laudation for their scientific commitment in the scope of renewable energies. Daniel Heid, vice-chairman of Researchers for the region e.V., also spoke a few words and expressed his thanks on behalf of the association, whose propose is the promotion science, research and education, for this award.

The choice of the scientific project “bacteria with potential”, in which the possibility for energy production and water purification by sulphide depleting, electrophilic bacteria is investigated, was stated a reason by the founder with its “inestimable importance for the humanity, focusing on renewable energies and to explore new ways aloof of fossil fuels. The students have extended the knowledge of usable alternatives of energy supply and thus contributed the common weal.”

“Findings on alternatives to oil, coal and greenhouse gases have increased enormously in the past decade, thanks to the intense international research efforts. Today it is undisputed all over the world, that the future lies in renewable energies and that the human, with its unprecedented exploitation of natural resources, is primarily responsible prospective trend. In an era, in which resources are becoming increasingly scarce, reconditioning, recycling and proper disposal are thus important tasks of our society”, Kuster continued.

This is not the first award, the young researches have received for their work, but certainly something very special, as it has been created specifically for innovative scientific findings, serving the common weal and now has been bestowed for the first time by the Labexchange Foundation – Wolfgang-Kuster-Stiftung.

Wolfgang Kuster has established the Labexchange Foundation-Wolfgang-Kuster-Stiftung by reason of the 25th anniversary of the company Labexchange in 2014. It is a non-profit foundation, which is especially dedicated to the promotion of health care, arts, environment, the welfare system and the common weal. The promotions are provided through funds or through the free allocation of medical, analytical or clinical-chemical laboratory systems and laboratory equipment. For some considerable time, Labexchange-Die Laborgerätebörse GmbH is donating a fraction of each sold new or used laboratory device to the Labexchange Foundation, which is using the amount charitably to promote ecology and sustainability. In future, the foundation will regularly support social projects and award the Labexchange prize to charitable projects.