With “Plastic to Diesel” won the Labexchange Advancement Award

May 29, 2019

During the celebration of the 30th company anniversary of the Labexchange on 24 May, the Youth Research Centre Schwarzwald Schönbuch e.V. received the Labexchange Advancement Award 2018.

Last Friday Labexchange celebrated its 30th company anniversary in a successful festive ceremony. As a special item on the programme, Managing Director Dr. Wolfgang Kuster awarded the Labexchange Advancement Award to the Youth Research Centre Schwarzwald Schönbuch e.V., represented by its Managing Director Mrs. Barbara Renz, its Head Professor Dr. Uwe Klein and young researcher Jasha Grüner from Nagold who had come to Burladingen for the celebration.

The Labexchange Advancement Award recognizes the research centre’s valuable service in getting young people excited about natural sciences and sustainable projects. The Labexchange Foundation supports with this award the purchase of a Thermo Nicolet Nexus FTIR spectrometer with a sum of 3,000.00 €.

The occasion to support the Youth Research Centre in Nagold was given by young researcher Jasha Grüner and his project about “Plastic to Diesel”. The invited guests of honour were noticeably impressed when the 16-year-old presented his project. He was able to produce diesel fuel from plastic. This type of fuel is liquid and therefore releases fewer pollutants during combustion. It is also more efficient than burning plastic. Mr. Grüner then hydrogenated the plastic diesel and was able to obtain more combustible compounds. This optimisation means that the plastic fuel can now be used in a diesel engine.

After receiving appreciative applause for this amazing achievement, Mrs. Renz and Professor Klein warmly thanked Dr. Kuster. Previously, the Youth Research Centre had also acquired laboratory equipment from Labexchange. For an institution that is financed by donations and has less money at its disposal, urgently needed investments would not be possible without a company like Labexchange. According to Professor Klein, Labexchange makes a significant contribution by selling used and thus affordable laboratory and analysis equipment so that the Schwarzwald Schönbuch Youth Research Centre can continue to exist.

“I hope that the Advancement Award will be an incentive for Mr. Grüner and also for the Youth Research Centre to continue their work and research.” These were the words with which Dr. Kuster completed the hand-over and wished the three of them further success.

The Labexchange Foundation – Wolfgang Kuster Foundation was founded 5 years ago to celebrate the company’s anniversary.  Since then motto of the foundation has been Erich Kästner’s statement: “There is nothing good unless you do it”. For 5 years now, the foundation has been a sign of credibility and social responsibility. It is a foundation based on the company Labexchange – Die Laborgerätebörse and awards, among other things, the Labexchange Advancement Award annually. The advancement award mainly supports young pupils and students who volunteer their time and knowledge for scientific and sustainable projects.